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Dr. phil. Irena Strelow

Doctorate on Nazi looted art in Catholic churches
Study of the History, Theory and Practice of Jewish-Christian Relationships, M.A.
Studies of Art History and Catholic Theology, B.A.
Freie Universität Berlin

Research on methods of systematic art theft and the so-called utilization of Jewish assets
Localization of Nazi looted art in German public institutions
Representation of victims in restitution claims

Current publication:
System and Methods
Nazi looted art in German museums (only in German published)
Hentrich & Hentrich Publishing House for Jewish Culture and Contemporary History
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Additional research projects:

  • „Utilization of Jewish assets“ by Nazi financial authorities
  • Research on systematic exploitation by the Nazi state after 1938
  • Localization of Nazi looted art in public institutions
  • Person-centred research on perpetrators, networks and victims
  • Berlin Art Trade during the National Socialist era
    – the role of art experts and commissioners
  • Research on compensation and restitution after 1945. Case Studies
  • Cultural assets from previous Jewish proberty to decorate Catholic churches
    as profiteers of the persecution of Jews. Case Studies
  • Anti-Semitism in the Catholic Milieu